California Cop Offers Trump His Handcuffs for the Crooked Clintons

from Bill Still

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California Cop Offers Trump His Handcuffs for the Crooked Clintons
Cops, in general, don’t criticize their own. Cops stick together. But there comes at time when enough is enough and brave men and women realize that is time for them to take some risk so that the rest of us don’t have to take large risks – to protect THE most cherished concept of the human race – freedom.
That moment came yesterday to a police trainer in California by the name of Samuel Anderson. He offered Donald Trump perhaps the most prized possession of a front-line police officer – his old handcuffs – so that he:
“Can escort Bill and Hillary Clinton and all the likes of her entire mafia to prison. As a law enforcement officer, I want to see these people in prison. I want to see them gone for a very long time.”
Officer Anderson also has a special message for FBI agents.
“You agents in the FBI that know that Director Comey did something wrong – you need to come out – because if Hillary takes over this country, it’s over with.
“And as far as the FBI is concerned right now, you’re a bunch of weasels. You can do better than that.
“You might have signed documents that you won’t talk about it, but guess what – when you go to your grave, and when you meet your maker, God’s gonna talk to you and he’s going to say, ‘get in the other line ! – the one that goes downstairs.’”
Protect and serve.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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