Belgium’s Wallonia Stalls CETA Trade Deal

from Boom Bust

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is getting the cold shoulder from many in the EU as she makes the case for continued cooperation with the bloc despite promises to continue with the Brexit. Also, the U.S. dollar hit a seven-month high as the ECB hinted it could extend its bond purchase program. Edward Harrison has the details. Then, Nomi Prins, author of “All the President’s Bankers,” gives her take on the Deutsche Bank fiasco and what’s in store for big banks worldwide.

After the break, Bianca Facchinei examines a recent piece in the Harvard Business Review saying that Millennials should quit looking for regular work, and instead focus on the “gig economy.” And finally, in The Big Deal, Alex Mihailovich joins from Toronto, Canada with the latest hurdles facing the Canadian-EU “CETA” trade deal.

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