US Does Not Need to Jail Wall Street Bankers: Remove the System Instead

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Warren: Next Administration Should Probe, Maybe Jail Wall Street Bankers … In trying to reopen the investigation, she’s telegraphing her new Senate tactics—and sending a message to Hillary Clinton. – Bloomberg

Warren wants to jail Wall Street bankers but she should apply her energy and eloquence to getting rid of the monopoly Fed and judicial decisions that prop up corporate America.

Without the abusive and deadly power of multinationals, the corporate catastrophes that Warren regularly cites would disappear, probably more quickly than one might expect. The current ruinously corrupt system is propped up by state force and state wealth.

As a firebrand of the left, concerned about people’s welfare and resources, she should surely see that the US’s impoverishment comes from endless over-printing of money and the consolidation of titanic multinationals that would not exist without Supreme Court decisions creating them.

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