The End of the World as We Know it | Rob Kirby

from Reluctant Preppers

Sept 09 2016

Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns to Reluctant Preppers to sound the alarm that unprecedented global events including breaking of ranks by world leaders combined with alignment between analysts indicate the high risk of a major economic crisis in the coming months. Listen in as Kirby explains why things may be disrupted even sooner, and what we must do now!


We’re Living in A Dystopic World
Major notable analysts a gathering flock warning of a foreboding collapse this fall.

China G20 meeting events unprecedented in US history:

Obama snubbed by Chinese on arrival, disdain for American leadership.

Philippine president cussing out Obama,

Foreign leaders are boldly displaying contempt of the US for mis-managing the world’s financial system, unsupportable lies, cooked data, corruption, overt denial of real economic plight (lowest ever labor participation rate, negative interest rates,

Real change is occurring, events are foreshadowing a major reset is at our door. John William: US real unemployment rate = 24 percent !

Official inflation data falsely claims low inflation, but common sense “burrito index” reveals the reality of inflation and loss of purchasing power for: food, health care, tuitions, rent, car.

US Leaders persisting in complete disconnect with reality, data manipulated & people are getting sick of this. Even foreign leaders know they’ll be left with a huge painful disaster.

Donald Trump – walking into a collapsing system – why would anyone in their right mind want to take the helm of a sinking ship?

Can Trump really pull off a turnaround given how far off the rails we are right now?

Will the powers that be torpedo a Trump presidency, economy, and America?

Physical gold supply shortages for wholesale (large scale, immediate delivery) markets? Gold can move rapidly to $10,000 an ounce!

We will soon see whether the American people still command the courage to stand up for right and reject corruption and abuses by the elite.

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