The Deep Ties Binding Mexican – US Elites

by Nomi Prins
Daily Reckoning

There’s a misconception that Mexico is a destitute, drug-cartel ridden country bent on stealing U.S. jobs.

The truth is it’s an immensely beautiful country with a diverse economy and entrepreneurial spirit — albeit rife with corruption and risks.

Forget about the wall issue being politicized. There’s far more that unites Mexico and the U.S. — some good, some bad — than divides us. Mexico is our number three trading partner. That means if Mexico buys stuff from us, we make money and products and keep jobs involved in creating those products here. We are Mexico’s number one trading partner. That means we buy stuff from Mexico (about 80% of their exports) that we use to drive our economy.

None of this is perfectly done, but it’s what happens.

But here’s what you don’t know about Mexico and won’t hear from Donald Trump, who is fixated on the wall, or Hillary Clinton, who is fixated on idolizing her husband’s legacy in creating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)…

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