The Bigger Story of the Clinton Email Scandal

If the powers-that-shouldn’t-be truly don’t want you to know about a piece of sensitive information then it isn’t going to be available via FOIA.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

In yet another sign that the establishment media has completely lost any semblance of a grounding in reality, the Washington Post just opined that “The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control,” whining about how much attention the story of Clinton’s homebrew email system is receiving in this campaign. This despite the fact that the facts on the ground here are incontrovertible:

— Hillary Clinton used a private (and unsecured) email server for official State Department communications during her time as Secretary of State.

— She asked aides to “wipe her servers” after the State Department finally got around to asking her for emails related to her public record; they responded by smashing her 13 blackberries with hammers.

— She withheld 17,500 work related emails from FBI agents.

— She lied about receiving classified material over the server.

— The best the FBI could do in deciding not to prosecute her (after the mysterious tarmac meeting between Loretta and Bill) was to say she was too stupid to know that “c” meant classified and that her actions were extremely careless.

— If she had been anyone else, Hillary Clinton would have been in jail by now.

But never mind all of that; the Washington Post has decided that the public is too concerned about the issue so I guess it’s time to move on, right?

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