Still Report #1193 – Trump Surges in Iowa and Daybreak Poll

17:46 – Sept. 15, 2016
Good evening, I’m still reporting on Trump.
According to a new Monmouth University Poll, Iowa voters have now given Donald Trump an 8-point lead over Hillary Clinton.
Trump now leads Clinton 45 to 37 in the 4-way race. Just 4 years ago, President Obama won the state by 6 points.
Where is Trump getting the increased support? Just as predicted, independents are breaking for Trump by large and growing margins. In July, Independents favored Trump by a 39 to 35 margin. Today, the are breaking for Trump by a 44 to 29% margin.
More good news. In the USC Daybreak poll, Trump has extended his lead over Clinton again; now a 47.2% to 41.3% margin – a nearly 6 percentage point lead nationally. Trump has only had a bigger lead on Clinton on two days, July 26 & 27, the peak of the Republican Convention.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

from Bill Still