Still Report #1189 – Obama Increases Refugees Accepted by 60%

from Bill Still

11:31 – Sept. 14, 2016
Good morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion.
President Obama, disregarding the troubles in Western Europe with their refugee invasion, wants to increase the number of refugees the U.S. admits to 110,000 per year.
That’s not counting those who are currently flooding in across the southern border.
The fiscal 2017 year begins Oct. 1 and runs until Sept. 30 2018. Obama’s announced immigration level would represent a 60% increase over fiscal 2015.
The Wall Street Journal reports that 40,000 refugees will come from the Near East and South Asia, which includes Syria. About 35,000 would be accepted from Africa. The rest are not listed.
In December, Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on all unvettable Muslims immigrating to the U.S.
MSM outlets have consistently misconstrued Trump’s proposal by saying he was banning all Muslim immigration.
Hillary Clinton has said she would like to see the U.S. bring in even more refugees.
The last time a U.S. President proposed so many immigrants be welcomed into the U.S. was – in 1995 under Bill Clinton.
The complex civil war in Syria in which 250,000 have died and more than 11 million have been displaced is widely believed by military experts as having been exacerbated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s missteps.
Obama will make the official announcement of the immigration increase next week at a United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.