Still Report # 1183 – Clinton Has Sudden “Medical Episode” at 9/11 Event

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Clintons.
Hillary Clinton has apparently passed out at a 9/11 event as she was returning to her vehicle. It is unclear at this time what happened or where she was taken, according to the British paper the Daily Mail.
Clinton was standing next to rival Donald Trump and other politicians when she was suddenly started to return to her van. She didn’t quite make it.
Witnesses say she appear to faint as she got into a Secret Service van. Her knees buckled as she stumbled off a curb. She lost a shoe.
According to the campaign, Clinton is tired and in need of rest so she is reportedly stopping all public appearances from Friday through Tuesday. Apparently, she decided that she had to make an appearance at the morning event at the 9/11 memorial in New York.
She’ll return to public view on Wednesday, Sept. 14 on the Ellen Degeneres Show.
On Aug. 15, the Gateway Pundit published a comparison of Donald Trump’s travel schedule to Clinton’s. In the first 13 days of August, Trump spoke to an average of 8,072 people per day at 19 events.
During the same period, Clinton could only manage 8 public appearances for a daily average of 942 people per day.
Both candidates scheduled events during that period in Kissimmee, Florida – the home of Disney World.
Clinton’s event was held on Aug. 8th. She drew a grand total of 150 people. Here’s the photo the Hillary for Florida organization put out. They just about squeezed all 150 people into this picture to make it look is impressive as possible.
A few hours earlier, she had drawn a grand total of just 200 people in St. Petersburg, FL.
Three days later, Donald Trump came to Kissimmee and had to rent the biggest hall in town – and he packed it.
For our friends in Europe, do not believe that Hillary Clinton is winning this race. She is quite literally a cardboard candidate propped up by the owned MSM in the United States. Donald Trump is the most disruptive political force in my lifetime and the Trump Train is going to roll over the Clintons and end their 20-year bribery racket literally selling out the United States.
Interestingly, if what Clinton Foundation investigators say is true – that is over $100 billion has been taken in by the Clintons, that would make them one of the richest couples in the United States – if not THE richest.