Still Report #1175 – Julian Assange: Clinton Will Put Nooses Around Everyone's Necks

from Bill Still

Julian Assange was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night in what is part one of a two part interview, highlighting the dark cloud over Hillary Clinton is about to get much, much worse.
Good morning, I’m still reporting on Julian Assange.
Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity last night with a rather short interview, but what he said highlighted the dark cloud that has fallen over America during the last 8 years and if the left foolishly elects Hillary Clinton is about to get much, much worse.
I’ve had my reservations about Assange in the past, but he certainly is on the side of the fight for human freedom now.
Assange said some very, very important things that need to be analyzed carefully. First of all, he had a stark warning for the left-leaning media, especially the ones who travel in Clinton’s press plane who are attempting to help cover-up her medical condition.
So yes, you may be riding high in the Clinton plane for the time being, but you will eventually discover that they will come for you one-by-one until there will me no more truth telling among you.
Assange predicts that if elected, Clinton will “put a noose around the neck” of everyone in the media who wants to tell the truth.
Then, Assange berated the FBI for “playing games” for releasing the notes from their interview with Clinton as a pre-holiday Friday dump – a standard political trick to minimize coverage of a release of damaging information to the administration.
Then he pointed out that in the FBI notes of Clinton’s last meeting with them, she asserted that she didn’t know that the letter “c” in her emails denoted “confidential” material. Assange pointed out that he has released thousands of pages of Clinton emails written by Clinton where she, herself, inserted the letter “c” classification mark. In other words, proof positive that she lied to the FBI again.
Yes, indeed, if we do break the back of this big brother dictatorship trying to permanently install itself sitting atop our once-great republic, Director Comey has a lot to answer for.
Assange then reasserted that he has a significant amount of additional information to release and that some of that could come out starting next week.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.