Standing on House of Cards – Jonathan Cahn with Greg Hunter

Jonathan Cahn – We Are at a Dangerous Point

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew, is out with a third best-seller in a row called “The Book of Mysteries.” In the “Harbinger,” he has said things like the attack on America on 9/11 was a warning. Now, Cahn is out with some new warnings. On the economy, Cahn says, “We are still on a house of cards, standing on a house of cards. There’s debt, and all the propping up, and actually, since the Shemitah of 2008, the world economy has never recovered. It’s been paralyzed. The growth has been paralyzed since 2008, and that’s with all the lowering of rates, which means we have no room for anything . . . . We are in the most dangerous months of the stock markets. . . . We are right now . . . in the period following the seventh Shemitah, which is the Jubilee period. It doesn’t have to happen, but it means the same dynamics (market crash) can happen as well into this period. There is a principle in the Bible that is linked to this . . . it says that if a nation follows God, it’s going to be lending to many nations and not borrowing. That is a sign of God’s favor. America has been the greatest creditor nation in history, but that changed as America has been falling away from God. This goes with the harbingers, and that has not stopped either. . . . As America continues to rapidly accelerate away from God, at the same time, America turned from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation.”

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