Silver Has Not Been This Bullish Since 1979

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Silver Will Soon Spike Significantly Higher

The Silver Supply Deficit is About to Explode

A real annual physical deficit is about to erupt higher in the silver market.

In 2014, the world had a 78.6 million ounce deficit in worldwide supply vs. physical demand.

The 2015 deficit ballooned much higher, to a 130 million ounce shortfall.

According to Societe Generale, the silver supply in 2016 is likely to decrease another 9.2%!

This, of course, has everything to do with base metal mine cutbacks.

Of which have seen major mines close down in the past 2 years, including 26 zinc mines just announced for temperory closure in China until next June.

It’s important for everyone watching this to know that most silver comes from copper, zinc, and gold mines.

A silver mine is extremely rare, most investors, even silver indexes, aren’t really buying companies that generate their income from silver.

Typically the name of the company has more silver in it than their actual business!

And some of the names might shock you…

Silver Standard, Hecla Mining, and Tahoe Resources… these are silver stocks, right?
Well, sort of, but less than half of their revenues comes from silver.

What about Pan American Silver, the largest publicly-traded silver producer? About half of their revenues come from gold and base metals.
Even with the largest private silver miner in the world, Fresnillo, under 50% of their revenues are generated from silver.

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Silver demand, which has been on the rise, is surging!
And as we pointed out, supply is cliff diving due to base metal mine closures and cutbacks.

The U.S. Mint is on track to sell a record amount of coins this year! believes that the demand for silver is about to surge much higher.

1. We have a confirmed bull market in 2016.
2. One-third of the central banks have a negative interest rate policy. The investment demand for silver won’t be regional – it’s going to be global!
3. The mining shares are a leading indicator, and our two top picks for this sector are up over 600% year to date.

Physical bullion is headed much higher and industry leaders are starting to acknowledge it.

Earlier this year, a major tech company contacted First Majestic Silver to inquire about purchasing silver directly from the company.

For a precious metal like silver, this is not a normal inquiry at all! According to the COMEX their should be an abundant supply of silver.

But now, with Asian markets competing and actually demanding real metal to back there trades, the silver market is at an inflection point, and we agree with Keith Neumeyer, CEO of the worlds top primary silver producer, triple digit silver is in the very near future.

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