Shelter From the Market Collapse

by JL Yastine
The Sovereign Investor

I was on a hilltop plateau next to my hotel in Bermuda yesterday, and what did I see? Larry Ellison’s America’s Cup racing catamaran zipping across the choppy waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound bay. Turns out that it’s not just the stock market’s rough waves that have everyone’s attention right now.

The words “Oracle” in large white letters on the catamaran’s black mainsail made it kind of hard to miss. The crew was getting in some early practice for the America’s Cup qualifying rounds, which start here in May of next year.

With composite fiber construction, a 140-foot-tall mainsail and hydrofoils on twin hulls (and a crew of 11), these vessels can travel in excess of 40 to 50 miles per hour. Think of a glider wing attached to the bottom of two sleek pontoons, and that’s what one of these boats looks like.

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