Republican v Democrats – Is Something Really Changing?

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

There is another aspect to the 2016 presidential election that seems to be missing from discussions. There the very basic fundamental issue concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails, since her erasing such emails was clearly an obstruction of justice. The Justice Department gave IMMUNITY for such a crime to Paul Combetta, who erased Hillary’s emails. Bryan Pagliano, her former campaign staff member in the 2008 presidential campaign, was also granted IMMUNITY in exchange for answering questions about how he set up her server. Given the fact that Frank Quatrone of First Boston was charged and tried for obstruction of justice for writing one email to tell staff to clear up their files, there is no doubt that Hillary should have been charged criminally for at least obstruction of justice. So that being a fact, then this brings into question the members of the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill who have been protecting and defending Hillary, who would also be guilty of CONSPIRACY. Hence, this calls into question the integrity of the entire Democratic Party.

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