Puerto Ricans in the Dark As Debt-Saddled Gov Loses Power: “Not Prepared For Something Like This”

by Mac Slavo

What would happen if the government was so broke that it couldn’t even afford to maintain the basics – including keeping the electricity on?

That’s essentially what’s happened in debt-ridden and poorly-managed Puerto Rico, where a fire took hold at a power plant, and left more than 3 million people without power.

There are many SHTF situations, and many of them center around societal or governmental collapse, but few people in the United States know what that looks like.

But it happens regularly enough that there are examples in the Commonwealth protectorate of Puerto Rico, and in Venezuela, just to name a couple of examples.

When conditions are dim, there is no money to maintain the infrastructure, and it opens the system up to the inevitable – problems are going to crop up, and without a good system in place, are likely to cause major problems.

In fact, Puerto Rico’s problems have been decades in the making.

via USA Today:

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