New Era: Hillary Loses Control of ‘Net Narrative

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, a fierce supporter of Hillary Clinton, said the Democratic nominee’s recent health episode is being overblown. “It’s not crazy, it’s lazy,” he told Business Insider in a Monday interview regarding coverage of Clinton’s pneumonia. – Business Insider

It’s a battle of memes and elite dispensers are growing irritated and increasingly worried about losing control (see excerpt, above).

This didn’t happen in the 20th century or even at the beginning of the 21st. It’s something new, spawned directly by the Internet.

And right now Hillary is the main target and victim. At least the most high profile.

Hillary herself saw it coming. During remarks to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in early 2011, she stated (here) that the US was engaged in an information “war” and was losing.

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