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lass=”” >With official Fed policy stealing the value of the dollars in your checking and savings accounts through inflation (truly a “stealth tax”,) and the credible threat of a looming collapse of the debt and dollar system, how can you protect your nest-egg and still continue the daily personal and business transactions you need to survive?

Alasdair Macleod, head of research at GoldMoney.com, lays out the new and innovative yet rock solid options to keep your wealth and spending money in vaulted physical gold, while retaining the convenience of charge card payments. Don’t miss this eye-opening briefing on practical and responsible personal finance tools available to protect you now!


Brexit Fallout: In the months after the historic Brexit vote: What’s happening to the British economy and currency now? Head of the “Office of Budget Responsibility” had warned of dire consequences of an exit vote. Seems like normal summer doldrums: Pound sterling & Foreign exchanges had reacted but now stabilized. Underlying weakness in the British & global economies progressing.

Global Economic Direction ECB has done all they can, telling governments it’s their turn now: governments will have to ramp up debt-based infrastructure spending..should drive inflation. The big shift we expect is from asset price inflation — goods & services price inflation going forward.

Precious Metals Direction Early August was quiet, then late August showed suppression of gold prices to prevent option exercises, now moving up, and expect high Asian wholesale demand ahead of Indian and Asian holiday season. Backdrop of higher consumer price inflation should drive higher gold & silver prices as well.

GoldMoney Accounts – What types are available, and what makes them so different from a savings or checking account? Bank Saving account: besides devaluation, you’ve loaned your money to the bank, and they do with it what they will, you are poorly protected if bank fails. Stand in line as unsecured creditor – or hope FDIC inadequate bail out!) In GoldMoney accounts, your Gold is still your own property, insured & held in a secure depository for you, in your choice of 10 different Brinks vaults located in different part of the world.

BitGold is now: — GoldMoney Personal Account Put money into your account in any currency, Converted to gold Stored the location of your choice operated by Brinks (1% fee on transactions) commission, covers all your insurance and vaulting charges) Access via MasterCard, load your card, spend anywhere. Main storage is held in 400 oz bars Segregated storage can be arranged, and can withdraw your gold physically in smaller units for a shipping & handling fee.

GoldMoney Business Account – Run your business in Gold Make payments in Gold or currencies Be paid in Gold or currencies In risky times, assures your employees and business partners you can transact in trusted gold. In a currency collapse, your business is able to continue.

GoldMoney Wealth Account Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium held for you in storage

How to get started protecting your funds today:


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