Harvard Report Whiffs on Fed Price Fixing Scheme

by MN Gordon
Acting Man

A Crucial Priority

This month the bright fellows at Harvard Business School came out with a new report. A lot of work went into its preparation. In fact, the report contains the culmination of five years of in-depth analysis of U.S. competitiveness and surveys of global business leaders and the general public.

[…] “Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided” is the title. What these two independent clauses have to do with one another is unclear. But the way they are strung together it appears the authors believe they are somehow correlated.

Perhaps problems are unsolved because the nation is divided. Or maybe the nation is divided because problems are unsolved. Here we turn to the report’s executive summary for explanation…

“Overall, we believe that dysfunction in America’s political system is now the single most important challenge to U.S. economic progress. Many Americans are keenly aware that the system is broken, but are unsure why it is broken or how to fix it.

While there is rising frustration with politics, there is, as yet, no framework for understanding the reasons for today’s poor performance and proposing effective solutions. Identifying such a framework, and the set of reforms that can change the trajectory of our political system, has become a crucial priority.”

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