Goldman Bans Partners From Donating To Trump Campaign To "Minimize Potential Reputational Damage"

from Zero Hedge

In the last days of August, Goldman Sachs surprised its employees with a new rule: the firm’s top employees will be barred from donating to certain political campaigns, including that of Trump-Pence.

In a memo sent out on August 29, the firm’s global compliance office said that starting on September 1, “all partners across the firm are considered “Restricted Persons” as defined by the firm’s Policy on Personal Political Activities in the US.” This means that as of this moment, Goldman’s partners are “prohibited from engaging in political activities and/or making campaign contributions to candidates running for state and local offices, as well as sitting state and local officials running for federal office”, and specifically donating to the Donald Trump campaign, in order to “minimize potential reputational damage.”

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