Gold Stocks’ Massive Correction

by Adam Hamilton
Zeal LLC

Gold stocks have suffered a terrible month, plunging in a serious selloff. The resulting carnage has left investors and speculators shaken, wondering if this red-hot sector’s blistering new bull this year has already run out of steam. These fears are misplaced, as massive corrections are common in major gold-stock bulls. They create bulls’ best buying opportunities in sentimental, technical, and fundamental terms.

It’s easy to understand why gold-stock sentiment is so bearish today, as this sector has been trashed since early August. In less than a month the gold miners went from 2016’s overwhelmingly-dominant top-performing sector to bear-market-grade losses! Falling from heroes to zeroes in such a short span of time is enough to test the resolve of even the most-hardened contrarians. It’s a tough turn of events to weather.

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