Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – A Full Heart, A Heavy Mind

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[…] For those of you who have asked, the queen’s MRI was good, as good as it gets for someone with an incurable but ‘manageable’ illness, and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

We were discussing vacation with one of the doctors earlier this week, and we shared some stories about our own trips to the same places in Canada years ago. And they said that ‘it is nice that you have such memories to remember in times like these.’ And I thought but did not say it, ‘what do you mean, these times are among the best!’ We have never loved each other more and so enjoyed doing every little thing together. A trip to the local farm stand together is as enjoyable as a trip to Paris.

The words ‘sacrament of the moment’ take on a new meaning when written, not in a book, but in the heart stripped bare of its illusions.

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