Foreign Affairs Magazine Suffers Substantially in the ‘Net Era

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

ISIS’ Virtual Puppeteers How They Recruit and Train “Lone Wolves” … The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) has taken a beating on the battlefield throughout 2016. U.S. officials estimate that the group has lost half of its territory in Iraq and roughly 20 percent in Syria, including key supply routes from Turkey that had been vital to the group’s inflow of foreign fighters. Although ISIS’ territorial holdings continue to dwindle, the threat it poses does not. – Foreign Affairs

In this Internet era, Foreign Affairs reveals its propaganda matrix more and more directly. This article is a good example of it.

For anyone who knows about the wider “war on terror,” this article is not easily believed. Its lack of credibility is a problem but it is indicative of an even larger difficulty, as well.

For many years – decades – in the 20th century, Foreign Affairs propaganda was in a sense covert rather than overt. The speeches and articles were couched in elegant rhetoric that didn’t seem overwhelmingly at variance with other mainstream views.

But the 21st century has been a catastrophe for elite messaging. ‘Net reporting has made the contrasts between truth and falsehoods a good deal clearer.

For instance, a growing number of people worldwide believe little if anything about the “official story” regarding the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

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