Even More Untruth About Donald Trump

from Stefan Molyneux
Sources: http://www.untruthaboutdonaldtrump.com
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0:18 – Threatening Hillary Clinton Assassination?
5:58 – Iraq War
15:30 – Louisiana Flood
21:59 – NYC Imam Murder
24:09 – Obama Founded ISIS
28:52 – Trump Products Manufactured Internationally
32:16 – New York Times “Crossing the Line” Article
35:00 – California Drought
40:03 – Khan Family
47:20 – Scared To Debate Hillary Clinton?
49:13 – Larry King RT Interview
51:53 – Trump Encouraging Russian Hacking
56:07 – Birther Movement
1:01:41 – Mexico Visit
1:07:10 – The Softening
1:12:30 – Anti-Semitic Tweet
1:17:34 – Donald Trump Hates Babies!

Since 1988, Donald Trump has been discussed as a potential United States presidential candidate, but when he officially announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015 the mainstream media refused to believe it. Over the next many months, Donald Trump would be attacked and criticized by the media – but were these criticisms legitimate? What is the Untruth About Donald Trump?

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