by Karl Denninger

We are well-past the “use by” date of political correctness when it comes to Islamic Terrorism, alleged “islamophobia” and similar politically-correct nonsense.

It is a fact that just a few short years after our nation’s founding this country faced a bunch of Islamic Pirates who were kidnapping our merchant ships’ complement, burning their ships and stealing their cargoes. They were also raiding villages for the purpose of taking people to be sold as slaves. When pressed as to the justification for these actions, the response was: “You’re not Muslim.”

We didn’t put a stop to that crap by taking in refugees and “understanding” those who declared that they hate us because we are not willing to kowtow to the demands of their alleged “faith”, although there was an initial flirtation with paying their “tribute” — a strategy that was quickly recognized as failed when the attacks did not cease. We shortly thereafter insisted that they cut that crap out and, when they refused, we blew them to bits.

Now we have a named suspect who is alleged to not only have set off a bomb in NYC, appears to be connected to a second device that exploded in New Jersey, and a third device found unexploded (also in NYC) but, it appears, we have recovered a satchel containing additional devices. We’re seeking him now and you get two guesses as to his religious affiliation but you’ll only need one.

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