Doug Casey Says Historic Gold Bull Market to Start any Day Now

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We had to get the man, the expert, the mining legend Doug Casey back to update all of us on the current gold market, after this correction period as we go into historically the best season for Gold & Silver. Doug calls this as a potential best ever gold rally coming, based on what we’ve seen in this market and world turmoil; he also reveals one of his top profit investments in the sector, saying he has seen 1,000% returns before and has no doubt we’re in for that again with some mining companies.

01:05 Doug’s Take on the Gold Market Right Now: Very Bullish
02:10 How to Profit Big According to Doug: Mania Coming
04:00 What Companies are Doug’s favorite in this market
05:30 Brazil Resources Increased Gold Reserves Nearly 100%
06:45 BRI could go to $60 by the time the bull run is ending
08:05 2016 Election Predictions: Doug on Trump
10:40 Doug’s Upcoming Book ‘Speculator’:…

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