Credit Crisis in Waiting

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Clowns in the Coliseum

DUBLIN – The presidential debate began long after our bedtime, here in Ireland. So we got up this morning, rubbed our eyes, and watched the highlights. “Lowlights” is perhaps a better way to describe it: two rascals making public spectacles of themselves, arguing about things that mostly don’t matter… posing, posturing, pretending.

[…] If we had our druthers, both candidates would lose. That is unlikely. So, the show goes on. The press reports that Hillary “won.” We’re not so sure. She seemed calm. Sensible. Composed.

She’s a master of the “facts.” She’s smart. She also knows how the game is played; she’s lived at public expense almost all her life and intends to continue to do so. Trouble is, a substantial segment of the adult population is fed up with the game she’s playing.

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