Bloomberg: Let Corporations Manage Immigration – Not!

from The Daily Bell

Time to Privatize Immigration … The West, it’s obvious, faces a migration crisis. Across the aging, stagnating economies of the developed world, citizens are revolting against what many perceive as an uncontrolled influx of foreigners. The U.S. apart, most of these economies are also facing a prolonged crisis of growth. Under other circumstances, the solution would be obvious: restore vitality by taking in more creative and productive people from India, China and other parts of the developing world. But how to do so, given the fraught politics of immigration? – Bloomberg

So it is time to privatize immigration. Great, we turn to Bloomberg to find out how and learn companies ought to pick who comes to America: “Corporations are better suited to the task.

The only trouble with this is that American corporations are the result of judicial force. Too often they are unholy agglomerations of violence, sloth and ineptitude.

No organization ought to supervise hundreds of thousands of people let alone millions or billions. Nor would it absent a trilogy of judicial decisions that keep these swollen giants in place.

Corporate personhood, intellectual property rights including patents plus, finally, monopoly fiat-currency from central banks prop up these corporate titans. Add regulation into the mix as well.

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