Beware of What You Wish For, as You’re About To Get It.

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

The trading day just ended, on what may be the penultimate week of “normalcy” for generations to come. Frankly, I have never been more scared, as the certainty of my views has never been more powerful. Which are, that nothing – not Central banks, governments, nor any “supreme manipulative power” – will be able to stop the unstoppable tsunami of political, economic, and monetary reality that has already engulfed large swaths of the “emerging” world; and currently, is heading for the “developed” world full bore, like a runaway train down an icy mountain, loaded with nuclear explosives.

To that end, today’s topic is as “philosophical” as anything I’ve penned, which I believe is appropriate given the circumstances – as it’s one thing to speak of what will be, and another to experience it firsthand. Which is exactly what I think everyone reading this blog is about to live through – as a new, terrifying “normality” replaces what we have known throughout the entire post-War era.

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