Bayer, Monsanto Agree to $66 Billion Merger

from Boom Bust

lass=”” >Bayer and Monsanto have finally agreed to a $66 billion merger, but lots of controversy is casting a shadow over the deal. Ameera David has the details. Then, Edward Harrison sits down with Lenore Hawkins, founding partner of Meritas Advisors and Author of “Cocktail Investing”, who says that despite what some officials what you to think, some sectors of the U.S. economy are currently in recession.

After the break, RT Correspondent Peter Oliver reports from Berlin on Jean-Claude Juncker using his annual state of the union address to rally support for the EU following the Brexit vote. Afterwards, Bianca Facchinei looks at the latest U.S. income and poverty data. And in the Big Deal, Edward Harrison joins Ameera to discuss the wild swings in oil prices and investment.

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