A New FOMC Policy Statement Everyday

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s early Wednesday, and I’m going to do something rare – and petty – in the name of making a point. Which is, to refer yet again – anonymously, of course – to the reader a few weeks back, who hounded me with emails, asking why I don’t “back up” my “call” for lower oil prices with more “proof.”

The reason this annoyed me was manyfold – starting with the fact that neither I, nor Miles Franklin, have “called” anything. Nor are we required to, given that our service is entirely free of charge, with no pretense other than to tell the truth as we see it. Which hopefully, will inspire you to protect yourself from the political, economic, and financial hell unfolding as we speak – which will NOT STOP until every fiat currency is dramatically devalued, if not destroyed.

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