A Civilization Build Upon Lies Can't Last | Craig Hemke

from FinanceAndLiberty.com

– Are gold and silver breaking out? ?0:50
– Precious metal miners ?3:17
– Lies about the economy ?4:29
– The Fed acts for the benefit of the banks, not the people ?7:11
– After the coming crisis, will people fall for another Federal Reserve scam? ?10:06
– Election 2016 ?11:06
– How to stand up against lies ?15:34
– Preparing for the coming crisis ?17:26

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This interview was recorded on Sep 6, 2016.

DISCLAIMER: The financial and political opinions expressed in this interview are those of the guest and not necessarily of “Finance and Liberty” or its staff. Opinions expressed in this video do not constitute personalized investment advice and should not be relied on for making investment decisions.