US Dollar Follows Oil Higher…

by Chris Gaffney
Daily Pfennig

Good morning. We will start Friday’s Pfennig with some thoughts from Frank who is on another cross country trip so take it away Frank.

Colby, Kansas – We’re about 9 hours into our drive and stopped here in Colby once again. Nice roadway motel, large gas station and Starbucks across the street. Should be enough combined fuel to make it the final five hours. Long suffering subscribers will recall, perhaps without nostalgia, that when I cross the plains there is usually a tidbit in the Pfennig.

This time as we drove the conversation turned towards new innovations. Aside from computing technology let’s all recall that there has been a lot going on over the past twenty years that is exciting. We have several friends with the all-electric Tesla cars. Universally they are promoters and completely excited about these vehicles. The range with the larger batteries is around 250 miles.

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