Trump Promises to Make America Great Again, but His Economics Are an Ill-Thought Out, Uncosted Mess

Trump’s tax cuts would cost an estimated $9 trillion over ten years, according to independent analysis

by Jeremy Warner

There could scarcely be a more depressing choice than the one facing Americans when they elect a new President in November.

In deciding on the next leader of the free world, the choice is between a spittle-flecked demagogue and a tired old Washington lifer whose only obvious differences with the present incumbent is that she wants to raise taxes a little further on the rich, spend a bit more on infrastructure, and copies some of the same protectionist rhetoric of her Republican opponent.

Yet it is not Hilary Clinton, but Donald Trump I want to address most here. His campaign seems to have faltered in recent weeks, but it would be unwise write him off quite yet.

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