Top Primary Silver CEO Predicts $100+ Silver after Company Grows 600% in 7 Months

from VisionVictory

lass=”” >Silver Investment Strategy: Keith’s First Mining Finance Company:

Our friend and the man who’s brought the most profits to Future Money Trends subscribers gives us an update on his two very popular companies: First Mining Finance & First Majestic Silver which have rose 220% & Over 600% in 2016 Alone!

02:50 Keith’s Companies are Up 600% & 220% in 2016 Alone!
03:10 After Fast Growth, What’s Next for First Mining Finance?
07:30 Gold & Silver: Price & Demand, Supply Fundamentals
10:00 Silver to Over $100, Keith’s Prediction
11:30 Very Few Silver Mining Companies are Left
14:00 Silver to Gold Ratio will Reverse