Tomorrow’s Ten-Baggers, Part 1: Jay Taylor’s Favorite Juniors

by John Rubino
Dollar Collapse

Precious metals investors are a conflicted bunch right now. Most are happy with the action so far this year, and still expect rising gold and silver to send high-quality mining stocks to the moon. But most were also caught a bit off-guard by the miners’ recent spike. For every investor who loaded up on, say, First Majestic Silver at $2 in January and rode it to $20 in August, dozens more watched from the sidelines. Few today own all they’d like of their favorite miners.

[…] So a correction, while lowering the value of current holdings, would be a welcome chance to load up on the shares that recently got away. And based on current trends (metals down a bit, miners down considerably more), a correction might be in progress as this is written.

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