This is the Best Time in History to Invest in Real Estate

Why the housing market isn’t headed for another bubble

by Jeff Reeves
Market Watch

If you want to hate on the housing market recovery, there are certainly plenty of items to dwell on.

Ads for house-flipping seminars have returned to AM radio and late-night cable TV in many markets — and so have Better Business Bureau complaints. So-called “liar loans” or “Alt-A mortgages” that played a big role in the housing crash are increasing in popularity. And, of course, there are the fears that a low-interest-rate environment has already prompted everyone to refinance and has artificially created demand for housing thanks to cheap access to mortgages.

But while plenty of pundits are sounding the alarm bells — including MarketWatch contributor Michael Brush a few months back — I think the hysteria over another housing crisis is a lot of hogwash.

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