The Inequality of Logic Behind the Increasingly Emphasized Magic Numbers

by Jeffrey P. Snider
Alhambra Partners

It is a basic element of logic that if A = B and B = C, then A must also equal C. In terms of action, if I do a thing and that thing always leads to a predictable outcome, not seeing that outcome causes one to question whether or not one actually did that thing. In other words, A must not have equaled B.

Central bankers all over the world are stumped. Nothing they have done has led to what was expected when one does such things. In very basic terms, we all know, as history has shown, that money printing leads to inflation. In most cases, it leads to the most extreme forms of inflation, which is why human history in financial and economic terms is really a study in how to keep official efforts from ever going in that direction (gold worked the best, which is why it survived for so long).

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