The Imminent End of an Obsession with Idiocy

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

There will come a time when I’m not waking up at 4:30 am on Saturday mornings – in late August, when the rest of the world is enjoying the “summer doldrums,” no less – to write about the random musings of a handful of unelected, conniving thieves; the appalling, painfully obvious market manipulations that go along with them; and the combination of criminal negligence, collusive fraud, and outright stupidity that goes for the “reporting” of such blatantly fraudulent and collusive, actions – as if anyone is still listening. However, until that time – when the irrepressible, unrelenting forces of “Economic Mother Nature” inevitably win the day – I, and the Miles Franklin Blog, will be here to educate, and hold your hand. As while our business is to buy, sell, and store Precious Metals, our passion is to spread economic truth, and protect as many people as possible, before it’s too late.

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