The Idea that Overseas Manufacturing Jobs will Return to the US is Pure Fantasy

by Dominique Dassault
Acting Man

Both Political Candidates Demonstrate Economic Ignorance While Pandering For Votes

As we enter the final lap of the presidential race in the United States, as always, the two candidates will say just about anything to secure your vote. And of course the economy is a major topic of conversation. Loud calls for both higher wages and more jobs dominate the rhetoric.

[…] Naturally, Hillary Clinton and Donny Trump claim they can easily solve both of these problems. I can only laugh at their certitude. They are so wrong… and like true political animals, they probably know it.

But promises will get you elected, even if you cannot follow through and execute on them. Still, just in case they are both as intellectually obtuse as they appear to be, they may want to consider the following.

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