The Fed: Soviet-Style Economic Propaganda

by Jeff D. Opdyke
The Sovereign Investor

“That,” I tell the Russian economist, “is quote-of-the-day material.”

We’re sitting in this small conference room in the center of Moscow, talking of opportunities in a misunderstood, wrongly despised economy, when the conversation turns to the notion of propaganda. At which point she tells me: “We had the Soviet Union. We are experts in propaganda. The Americans — they are like children.”

It will not sit well with Americans who refuse to believe the media and the government here at home are manipulating them, but her point is spot-on.

It’s a point I routinely make: Too many Americans gobble up the factual shape-shifting that spills forth from the media, and particularly from the federal government, and they think they’re well-informed citizens with fact-based opinions.

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