Still Report #1151 – New MH370 Debris Suggests Jet Exploded

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Malaysian Flight 370.
A new piece of debris has washed ashore on a beach in Mozambique that is leading experts to suggest that the plane exploded in mid-air.
A mangled piece of what is believed to be part of the tail of the jet which disappeared on March 8, 2014 was discovered recently. The tail piece was so badly mangled that experts no longer think the plane ditched in the ocean softly.
The scenario now being discussed is some sort of an explosion that killed the pilot and co-pilot instantly which did not allow a distress signal to be sent.
According to the British paper, the Express, Mike Exner, a member of the group investigating the missing Boeing 777 said that the 1-meter triangular piece is from the tail because it has a Boeing part number stamped on it and there has only been one 777 lost in the Indian Ocean.
Ben Sandilands, an Australian aviation writer opined:
“Whatever part of the jet it comes from, the extensive damage carried by the piece of suspected wreckage is inconsistent with widely-promoted theories that MH370 was landed under pilot control.”
I’m still from Washington. Good day.