Still Report #1150 – More Fake News! Clinton’s Reno Speech Was NOT Green Screened!

from Bill Still

I’m still reporting on more fake news.
Breaking news – for the first time in many weeks, Hillary Clinton is NOT guilty of something nefarious of which she has been accused.
Three days ago, I was sent a video that started out with an image of Hillary Clinton wearing an aluminum foil hat during her speech in Reno, Nevada where she — for the first time — bashed the alt-right.
Someone named Barry Setoro put up an analysis of the first couple minutes and the last minute of this appearance and comes to the conclusion that Clinton is not actually in Reno, but somewhere else across the country.
The analysis is fairly compelling unless you go to another source for the video segments of this appearance, which I did, because if it was true, I was going to make a story out of it.
Now I don’t consider myself a member of the alt-right, although I’m sure Clinton would. I’m just a reporter looking for the truth. I must admit, this would have made a great story about how Clinton was taking lying to the public to a whole other level – so unfortunately, the story that she was not in Reno – that she was somewhere else is not true.
There are two basic points that Mr. Barry Soetoro uses to support his claims; #1 that the images on the cell phones that are being displayed when Clinton comes on stage are different from those which are displayed upon her exiting off the stage.
And #2 that there is an artificial black line across the lower third line proving that this is a split image and the audience is not in the same place as Clinton is. Right off the bat – if they were going to do that for some technical reason, don’t you think they would have made this black line a little less visible?
Lastly, there is no explanation of what benefit there would be to do it in this elaborate way. It was obviously a public event. There were numerous news outfits televising and photographing the event because there are many slightly different television camera angles of the event on YouTube.
If the displayed analysis was correct, there would have to be several hundred people in on the conspiracy.
Any one of these so-called “actors” could have leaked just a few seconds of any cell phone footage showing no Clinton on stage to the National Enquirer and gotten a quick $100,000 in cash for their story.
That’s enough to show this video purporting a Clinton hoax as a hoax itself. But let’s go on and knock down the other main proofs offered as well.
Point #1a: The cell phone cameras show her turquoise outfit as she comes onto the stage. First of all, the video claims this was staged by the green-screen technique. Anyone who has done green-screening – and I have knows that you don’t want to dress in a turquoise outfit because that color is half green and half blue, so when you remove the green, Clinton’s outfit would half disappear.
Again, this, alone is so serious that it absolutely kills the theory of this video.
Point #1b. When you are taking a video of a small video screen from a distance the color information is the first thing you are going to lose, especially when you digitally magnify the image of those cell phone screens 10 or 20 times.
If you look at these images carefully, despite what the commentator says – namely that the cell phones are showing images of a blank wall with no flags — that’s not true. The complete image is there, just the color information in nearly completely gone due to what’s called desaturation.
You can see that all the flags are still there, it’s just that the image is so fuzzy that it’s hard to make out, and you certainly can’t make out individuals.
Ok, that’s enough of the desaturation problem.
Now, let’s take on main point #2 – the black line. The guy who put this up had to know what I’m about to tell you because he had to cut this out deliberately to fool the audience.
This is not a black line, this is a black curtain that you can see better from the other camera angles which have much better resolution than the degraded one this guy is using.
The curtain surrounds the podium in semi-circular fashion. Basically this little stage has an orchestra pit and they wanted to keep the audience from falling in, so they probably have a pretty simple and not too attractive iron pipe railing.
You can see it here as this guy walks around on the left side.