Still Report #1133 – Europe Starts Banning Burkas

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the invasion .
Across Europe, lawmakers are grasping for ways to discourage the Muslim invasion of their cultures. One method that has recently been tried is to ban the burka – the garment that covers women from head to toe – usually in black.
Burkas worn as swimwear have already been banned in many beach towns in Europe, such as in Nice, France where an ISIS terrorist killed 86 people when he drove a truck into a crowd watching a Bastille Day fireworks display.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who was booed by crowds at a Nice attacks memorial for his support of the invasion, now supports the mayors of the French beach towns implementing the no burkas-on-the-beach policy, saying that the burka is a garment that is:
“… founded on the subjugation of women.”
Ten women were cited last weekend in Cannes and were forced to leave the sand. Four others were fined the equivalent of $43 each and given warnings. Warnings appear in one’s permanent criminal file.
Going to the beach dressed in a burka has also been banned on the island of Corsica after a violent clash between Africans and locals which say a man harpooned for taking pictures of women wearing burkas.
In Germany, Senior members of Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition have effectively banned the burka by making it illegal for women not to show their faces in public.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has opposed the measure, but did say that the burka was an obstacle to integration.
On Thursday night, Berlin’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced a fresh group of laws that will be sent to the German parliament, the Bundestag, that will require the showing of the face in most public settings.
Ministers also want a drive to identify “non-German hate preachers”, to increase deportations and reduce forced marriages.
The state of Bavaria is pushing for a full burka ban this year and Mrs. Merkel will be under huge pressure to accept it with her re-election bid coming up a little over a year from now.
However, the hard-line socialists in Germany are digging in for a fight. German Interior Minister Ralph Jäger said on a radio interview program recently:
“Those who ban burkas must also ban people dressing up as Santa Claus.”
In Spain, the Spanish parliament voted for a burka ban in 2010, but since then, two Spanish presidents have failed to implement the new law.
In Austria, with a presidential election re-vote coming up on October 2nd, and the far-right candidate expected to win, MPs in Vienna demanded a burka ban, saying burkas prevented women from integrating into society.
Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said:
“… a full body veil is hindering integration, [and it is a] symbol for a counter-society.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.