Still Report #1112 – Germany: 80% of Migrants Have No Papers

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion.
What is driving the migrant invasion of Europe? The vast differential between the income in their native countries and that which the generous European socialist welfare systems bestow on migrants who get “asylum” status.
So the trick is to join the migration to Europe and ditch your identification papers and claim to be fleeing the war in Syria. In the past, refugees of war have been granted official “asylum” status under an expedited process that has so overwhelmed system, that it is now nothing but a sham. Last year, 96% of those claiming to be fleeing from Syria were rubber-stamped into Germany.
The resulting welfare costs of the migration will this year amount to 10% of Germany’s federal budget. As a result, the German media are slowly turning against German Chancellor Merkel’s “open door” policy.
For example, an undercover reporter, Abdullah Kahn, who is quoted in Bild, the largest German tabloid newspaper, worked for 4 months at a German reception center to get an idea of what goes on there.
Kahn says that 80% of migrant asylum seekers entering the country have no papers whatsoever, and most have been coached on how to lie to maximize their German benefits payments.
Kahn also reported that large numbers of migrants use fake documents. As quoted in this morning’s Breitbart, which quotes the Bild story, Kahn said:
“Many pose as minors travelling alone, because word has spread that they will qualify for more benefits. … To lie about their age, many people use false passports and other identity documents.”
But, the majority of migrants simply claim to have lost their documents and are fleeing Syrian fighting because that gives them the best chance of being granted “refugee” status.
Last year, 96% of Syrian migrants were granted refugee status, but Mr. Khan found that German immigration system is so overwhelmed that many were accepted without even one interview. The applicants just had to say they were from Syria and sign their name on a form and translators filled in the rest.
Most migrants receive many times their previous income in their home country, and few ever find work in Germany. The robust German welfare system provides for their every need out of taxpayer dollars.
Last year, Germany had a budget surplus of 12 billion euros on federal spending of 300 billion. For comparison, the U.S. budget is $3.8 trillion dollars, but it has a deficit of 600 billion dollars a year, which the Feds have to borrow by selling bonds.
This year, refugee spending may wipe out Germany’s surplus entirely, causing it to raise taxes to make up the difference, or start borrowing as the US does.
According to the latest estimate, Germany will spend 93.6 billion on refugees between now and the end of 2020 – about 30 billion a year. That’s about 10% of their budget, housing and feeding 2 million refugees – or about 15,000 euros per refugee per year.
The average income in Syria is about $50 per month – about 25 times less than Germany spends on every migrant.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.