Still Report #1111 – Viktor Orban: Stopping Terror in Hungary

from Bill Still

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Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is rapidly becoming one of the leading figures in what he has termed New Europe. The more I see of Orban, the more I like him.
Orban defines New Europe as those nations in Central and Eastern Europe who were formerly under the grip of the Soviet Union in 1989-1990. Hungary declared its independence on Oct. 23, 1989.
These nations have been trying to rebuild their economies after 50 years of destruction under state socialism. Consequently, New Europe has been more open to new ideas – of necessity – whereas, the core members of the European Union, Germany, France, Italy, etc., are considered to be Old Europe, and are still – whether they acknowledge it or not – governing under a socialist delusion. Led by Frau Merkel of Germany – this delusion is still encouraging the migration that is destroying them.
On July 23, Prime Minister Orban spoke in a very casual setting at the 27th Summer Open University in Romania. This is a summer festival which lasts for several days at the end of July.
The festival is a place where politicians can speak openly because there are no western news cameras there. Fortunately, we had a pro-monetary reform reporter on the scene who spent many hours obtaining the video and translating Orban’s speech into English. This gives an unvarnished look at the clear-headed direction that New Europe is taking.
Orban is setting a new course for not only his nation, but in concert with the other nations of New Europe that most Americans are not aware of.
1. He declared that the migration must be stopped or it will destroy every nation that does not stop it.
2. European Union leadership has failed in every way and is no longer viable.
3. A major turning point will come in September when all EU nations will meet to discuss these issues.
4. Orban describes Donald Trump as a noble presidential candidate and that he understands and agrees with Trump on all major policy points.
5. He is determined to put Hungary on a firm footing as a Christian nation and quoted Nehemiah 4:14:
“Don’t be afraid, fight!”
6. He said New Europe must fight the EU and the elites of Old Europe to protect Hungary’s integrity. He says their fight is not against Islam, but against the elites who are using the poorest from the Middle East and Africa to collapse Western democracies and culture.
I will be posting a link to the full text of this landmark speech in the near future in the Description box below.
Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bishop Tokés, dear Zsolt.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here with you once
again, after yet another year. The experience of seeing each other
again is invaluable, and it warms one’s heart. This in itself is
reason enough for the Open University’s existence. But for many years
– for more than two decades – the Open University has also fulfilled
another function, which is truly apparent when Hungary’s serving Prime
Minister addresses you. By this I mean that a situation has emerged,
an open university space has come into being, where we can talk about
politics in a different light. We can talk about difficult and
complicated affairs in a light which is different from that of the
other 364 days of the year, when we submit to the demands of politics
as a profession. This also gives rise to some problems, as European
politics has deeply ingrained norms for the style of speech usually
adopted for talking about politics and great European affairs. This is
a style which may well not be understood by those other than the
speakers themselves, but which will at least allow those speakers to
avoid trouble. An open university, however, is a different world. An
open university is worthless if the dilemmas which trouble us – and
which are not only ours, but, as you will hear, are ones which torment
all Europe – are not identified in our own language, and in a way
which we ourselves can understand. Otherwise it would not be an open
university, but a mere propaganda camp. Therefore I must now do
something which at other times in my line of business is prohibited,
and which all advisors counsel against: I shall tell you what I think
about the European situation. And to make matters worse, I shall not
only try to present sensitive and difficult issues to you, but I shall
try to do so in a way which everyone can understand. So I shall choose
a style of speech which in Europe today is prohibited: straight
talking. The moment we describe our problems and troubles using a
straightforward style of speech we must expect to be branded: we must
count on being downgraded, excluded, and in general exiled from the
European mainstream. When the mainstream is in trouble, of course, a
timely exclusion from it is an advantage rather than a disadvantage.