Still Report #1107 – What Happens When a Republican Gets Caught Lying to FBI?

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Clintons.
As Judge Jeanine Pirro said on her Fox show “Justice” on Sunday, Hillary Clinton has now admitted that she lied to the FBI at least 10 times during its investigation of her emails. Pirro demanded that FBI Director James Comey immediately recommend her indictment for perjury.
But even beyond equal justice for all, legal precedent demands Hillary’s prosecution for perjury.
Since Bill Clinton assumed the office of Governor of Arkansas, both Clintons have operated more like gangland bosses, than what we like to think of American politicians elected to serve the common good.
Yet, for those 37 years, this real-life Bonnie & Clyde team have escaped any serious legal consequences – other than disbarment – for a crime wave that has infected the entire political class ever since.
Their lawless wake has inspired dozens of other politicians to follow their example in joining the new political class which stands in fearless defiance of the rule of law.
That must come to an end!
A very recent example of this double standard is demonstrated in the case of Republican New York State Senator Thomas W. Libous (LIB-us), who was caught lying to the FBI.
On July 1, 2014, Senator Libous, the 2nd-most-powerful Republican in the New York State Senate, was indicted on federal charges of lying to the FBI.
According to the New York Times report from that day, Libous faced 5 years in prison if convicted.
At that point, Libous, aged 61, had served in the Senate for 26 years. The head prosecutor, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, succinctly described what Americans expect from their elected officials:
“Public servants should serve the public first, not themselves and their families.”
This is certainly a standard that has never applied to either of the Clintons.
Sen. Libous was accused of having a lobbying firm pay a law firm $50,000 per year to cover the cost of:
“… the inflated salary that Libous requested [for his son].”
The indictment stated that Libous lied to FBI agents when he said that no deals were made to get his son the job. The senator’s son was indicted on the same day for tax evasion and was later convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison.
At the time of the indictment, Libous had terminal prostate cancer which had spread to his spine.
He was convicted a year ago on July 22, 2015, and after the trial, despite having to resign from the Senate, the good-natured Libous did not blame the jury or the prosecutors for his fate.
“Everybody treated us fine, and this is the system,” he said on the courthouse steps. “I’m disappointed, but we move on.”
Four months later, last November, an obviously frail former Sen. Libous was sentenced to probation and home confinement in light of his cancer.
Afterwards he spoke to a crowd of reporters outside the courthouse:

Libous died 3 months ago in a hospice center in Endicott, New York at age 63.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.