Still Report #1103 – “Western Europe is Practically Dead”

from Bill Still

Western Europe collapsed so quickly during the 2016-2020 period, part of the blame will fall squarely on reporters being too timid to fulfill their proper role in society – the watchmen on the wall.
Politicians will always use their political power to enrich themselves, get re-elected, and try to acquire even more power. As my father used to say:
“… that’s just the nature of the beast.”
That’s why 26 years ago I entitled my first book on the evils of the debt money system – “On the Horns of the Beast: the Federal Reserve and the New World Order”.
When banks get to lend out money they don’t actually have, it’s obvious – they will end up buying up the politicians to ensure that no effective legislation ever stops them from increasing their power from then on.
My book sold less than 2,000 copies in the early 1990’s, and is now out of print. Heck, I don’t even own an original copy today.
But the documentary that it inspired – “The MoneyMasters” lives on and on, spreading its message of monetary reform.
Without competition in the political realm, human kind’s 2500-year long struggle for freedom through democratic self- governance will be lost.
And without a free, uncensored press there would be no one to warn us of the impending disaster.

And that is exactly what we are seeing right now in Europe.
The European Union project was actually designed from the ground up to eliminate this competition of nations – a competition that keeps the world – at least relatively free.
For example, what would have happened if sovereign nations would not have been able to gang up on Nazi Germany 75 years ago? All of western Europe would be speaking German right now, instead of their individual languages.
But somehow, the Merkel beast has convinced the German intelligentsia that destroying German culture by race-mixing would be a good thing for the German people.
Could it be that this time, the German elite are using a hidden migrant army to achieve their goals for all Europe?

Well, if they do achieve their victory by migrant invasion, do they actually believe they can control this army thereafter? That’s as crazy as the notion of the EU in the first place.
So with that preface, the Polish news-site has reported on what two Polish terror experts had to say recently on the German situation.
They appeared on a Polish chat show trying to warn Poland not to accept the same globalist propaganda that is currently destroying the German nation.
Jacek Wrona, a former Central Investigation Bureau officer in Poland slammed the German government for allowing the invasion to occur.
Wrona compared the situation to the fall of the Roman Empire:

“Europe is at the end of its existence. Western Europe is practically dead.”
“The worst problem [for police] is political correctness. We need … sober judgment.”
Wrona appeared on the show alongside military historian, Dr. Rafal Brzeski, who criticized the German government’s response to the recent wave of terror attacks.
“The Germans have had enough of this, which does not mean that the government has had enough. These are two different approaches.”
Dr Brzeski said that the German government is controlling the German press to not raise the alarm:
“There is nothing worse than self-censorship in journalism.”
Critics of German Chancellor Angela Merkel have blamed the attacks on her open-door migrant policy, under which over a million new migrants have entered the nation in the past year. And they are right. Long live competition in German politics.
Instead of simply shutting down the German borders to new migrants, Merkel continues to live in this idealistic, race-mixing-is-the-answer socialist utopia that IS NOT working and was never designed to work – for us – only for them.
On Thursday, Merkel offered a new solution – a 9-point plan which features:
“… an early warning system for the radicalization of refugees.”
Seriously? How are you going to effectively monitor over a million individuals whose names you don’t even know for sure?
Merkel continued:
“[the attackers are trying] to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need.”
Nonsense! They are trying to strike fear into the average German so that they will capitulate without a fight.
“We have already achieved very, very much in the last 11 months.”
Yes, if destroying your nation’s cultural identity is considered an achievement.
“I am still convinced today that ‘we can do it’ – it is our historic duty and this is a historic challenge in times of globalisation.”
There you have it. Mrs. Merkel, your basic problem is that globalization is NOT a good thing – it’s a horrible idea – for we, the little people. However, it’s a great idea for you, the lifetime politicians wanting more and more power.
Once effective self-governance is eroded, nothing can come out of