Still Report #1101 – Paul Nehlen vs Paul Ryan – Wisc. Primary Tomorrow

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Wisconsin Republican primary tomorrow.
Republican underdog challenger Paul Nehlen is not a politician; he is a businessman, inventor and entrepreneur who holds several patents in how tubes are constructed for the water filtration industry.
[insert Ryan & TPP]
Nehlen isn’t rich, he’s just a local guy who sees a problem in his state and sees that the incumbent – who just happens to be the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is literally a Democrat turncoat – 18-year veteran professional politician, Paul Ryan.
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Nehlen is also a Harley rider. One of his biggest issues is jobs and therefore he opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that Ryan his been trying to push through Congress.
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Like many of us – including Donald Trump – Nehlen is also concerned about the physical safety of the people of Wisconsin – primarily from surging illegal immigration.
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According to Breitbart:
“In 2015, as House Speaker, Ryan used his position of power to fund sanctuary cities, to fund executive amnesty, to fund a controversial expansion to the admission of low-skilled foreign guest workers, and to fund an increase in Muslim immigration into the United States.”
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Even Diamond & Silk had their say about the Nehlen race:
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.