Still Report #1090 – Daybreak Poll: Clinton Closes on Trump

from Bill Still

lass=”” >This morning’s Daybreak Poll from USC shows Trump took a .9% dive yesterday and Clinton jumped up a full percentage point, reducing Trump’s lead to only 2.2%.
The nearly two-point move in the spread is no doubt caused by the Muslim gold-star parents dustup that was played up in the MSM echo-chamber all day yesterday.
Will the MSM continue to paint Kahn as a moderate, or can they possibly give equal time to the revelations that Khizr Khan is an immigration attorney – trained in Saudi Arabia – whose specialty is selling U.S. citizenship to those who have $500,000 to invest in designated American companies?
Not likely.
Or how about Walid Shoebat’s assertions that Kahn is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has been a key link in the chain – along with longtime Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and her family – in helping for many years to construct a plan for Sharia Law to get a toehold in Constitutional America?
Even more unlikely.
The MSM just can’t possibly go anywhere close to this take on living in the USA –– yet. But eventually that day will come and the sooner it does, the faster we can clean this treasonous mess up.
In the meantime, let’s take a look at another poll – the crowd sizes in the swing states poll.
The best crowd shot of a Clinton rally was this one in Pittsburgh.
The next-best was the last rally of their 3-day bus tour in Fort Hayes, Ohio. Clinton staffers estimated the crowd at 5,000. However, here is the 26-second video offered by the ABC channel 6 station out of Columbus, Ohio.
By my rough count, there are about 200 individuals in this pan – not 5,000. Half the crowd is holding a cell phone aloft filming the scene. Certainly someone would have put up a scene showing a bigger crowd sometime in the last 3 days if one was available.
Here are the other pictures we could find of Clinton crowds. Less than 200 attendees is a typical Clinton turnout.
Can you imagine how boring it must be for a woman who has taken over $1.4 billion dollars for her Clinton Foundation – only 10% of which actually went to a charity – to have to endure associating with the little people on a hot summer day in America?
Here is an absolutely Typical Trump crowd. The coliseum is packed to the gills, and a 3-5000-seat auditorium is more than half filled as a spill-over room.
And here is a vid of the line snaking around outside to get into this event.
Trump gets more people in his spill-over rooms than Clinton ever gets totally.
This is an easily-verifiable in-person polling system. How many bodies will come out on a hot day in the summer. Until this changes, I’m not too concerned by traditional polls.
The crowd-size poll is the only one that takes into account the hidden Trump-effect vote that will crush Clinton in November.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.