Staggering Corruption at Pentagon Reveals the Central NATO/NASA Lie at Heart of Fedgov

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Sailors And Marines Can Officially Declare They Are Transgenders This Fall … Before declaring transgender status, these servicemembers have to be at the start, in the middle of, or finished transitioning. Only then will they be able to ask for a formal gender switch in the database system, Navy Times reports. – Daily Caller

It is helpful for transgender people that the Pentagon now has a policy for them if they are in the service. In fact, it is surely a lingering and personal tragedy for those who feel they are the wrong sex.

But the bigger issue regarding the Pentagon is its immense and murderous corruption. In some sense, news like this is being promoted to distract us from the Pentagon’s ongoing problems.

It has just been revealed that the Pentagon cannot account for some $8 trillion-plus in spending, HERE. We shouldn’t lose track of that even when contemplating the Pentagon’s increased sensitivity to its soldiers.

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